601 Bonnell Ave Erie, CO 80516

Come visit and get ready to ride with us!

Fastest 250 meters in North America!

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Velodrome Uses

Help everyone experience a fixed gear bicycle from ages 5 to 85 and provide a unique space for the community.


Conqour the 43 degree banking and feel the endless thrill of the velodrome!


Compete against avid racers in the mass-start events or test yourself against the clock in time trials.


Off the riding track, the velodrome is a unique space.


Movie Nights, Pickleball, Concerts and Community Events

Velodrome Certification

Riding the 43 degree banks of the velodrome can be intimidating, but anyone can conquer it with a few hours of coaching. We offer a certification program to take your first laps safely.

Why We Ride


No cars and endless track. All riders know how to move around the track.


Riding the corners at 30+ mph, you feel almost 2 times gravity.


Sometimes it's windy, but headwinds only last 1/4 lap! If the surface is dry, we can ride.

Your Pace

You choose the gear. Ride for hours or go crosseyed in seconds.

Weekly Training and Racing

30+ race days, and 100+ riding sessions every year.

Fans of the Velodrome

“One of the few Velodromes in the country. It's a 250M wood track. They have movie nights and racing weekly. If you're in Colorado and like bikes, it's a must-see! You will need to have instruction at first, but it's well worth it! If you have experience, just talk to the track official and have fun!”
Evan Darling
Evan Darling
“Great fun to see Thursday night racing. You can bring your own food and drink and share a table with friendly people. We happened to share a table with someone who had been there multiple times and was able to teach us a little about velodrome racing”
Andrew Chap
Andrew Chap
"This is a small bicycle racing track with structured programs to introduce a novice to this type of racing, open training periods and weekly racing. it's free for spectators. it's great little facility that attracts international teams on training trips.”
Ken Rodriguez
Ken Rodriguez


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